About us

Afterbanks Arcopay, is a Spanish Fintech regulated by the Bank of Spain as a Payment Institution for all the European Union.

We’re experts in bringing Open Banking technology to our customers, empowering them to bring to life new business models or enhance existing ones.


We’re not just any old banking communication standard. We enable real-time Financial Aggregation and Payment Initiation with various entities across Europe and Latin America.


Back in 2019, we joined forces with Minsait (an Indra company) to take our Open Banking game to the next level. Now, we’re part of Minsait Payments, their payments subsidiary, driving innovation and growth in the Open Banking industry.

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Over 250 awesome clients, including leading Spanish banks, rely on our technology to effortlessly obtain financial data in a standardized way and conduct real time Account-to-Account payments. We capture data of around 70 million transactions every month, connecting to over 1,000,000 accounts.

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We meet the established security standards and comply with current regulations. We hold ISO-27001 Certification, GDPR compliance is audited by our DPO, and we have PSD2 licenses to provide Account Information and Payment Initiation Services (AIS & PIS) throughout Europe and the United Kingdom.

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We take pride in building and developing our technology in-house, ensuring that we have full control over the services we provide without relying on external parties. Through our Synchronous REST API, we establish connections with diverse financial & non-financial institutions, for both purposes, retail and business markets. Our focus is on delivering robust, agile, and secure connections to deliver the finest services.

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We have connectivity in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Romania, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile.

More countries in development.

Discover the Power of Our Solutions


As a B2B tech provider, we understand your needs and offer a wide range of solutions to meet them. We’re committed to helping companies shape and redefine the future of the financial ecosystem through innovative Open Banking technology.

By partnering with us, you’ll have the power to unleash new business models and leverage user data to its fullest potential. Plus, you can enable alternative payment methods that resonate with your customers.

Use cases


We’re keen to be your key technological partner, empowering financial institutions to drive innovation through Open Banking solutions. Banks are closely collaborating with Fintechs to offer new and improved services to both their existing and potential customers.

A great example is the “Connect with Your Other Banks” feature within Bank’s channels. With this functionality, banks allow their customers to connect account data from other banks, making it easier to track and manage their daily finances, gain insights into their financial health, and receive offers for enhanced products at lower costs.

Accounting Software

We are the Open Finance connection for the main Accounting Tools in Spain that focus on digitizing treasury and accounting tasks for companies. By automating the connection and retrieval of categorized financial information from different banks, we provide a comprehensive service within the software itself.

The direct benefits include avoiding human errors that occur during manual data transcription, significant time and resource savings that allow companies to focus on other key tasks for growth, and much more.

Lending & Consumer Finance

When it comes to online financing, having the ability to assess the financial stability of loan applicants in real-time is crucial. With solutions like our Financial Aggregation + Account Holder Verification, online financing companies can gain access to a year’s worth of the applicant’s bank account transactions and verify the account holder of their accounts.

By leveraging this information, our customers can make more precise scoring decisions and act responsibly when granting financing, ensuring a more secure lending process.

Debt Collection

In the debt collection industry, Open Banking offers a wealth of advantages. It provides easier and instant access to up-to-date financial data of debtors, significantly improving the efficiency of debt management. Additionally, it enables the implementation of personalized debt recovery strategies, leading to better outcomes.

Open Banking also helps reduce fraud and simplifies the process for debtors by offering alternative payment methods through Payment Initiation (A2A payments). This not only enhances the overall customer experience but also reduces payment processing costs and optimizes debt collection efficiency.


The Ecommerce & Retail sector has undergone rapid digitization in recent years, driven by changes in consumer shopping behavior. In response, companies in the industry have embraced new technologies and payment solutions to enhance the customer experience. Our Payment Initiation solution, also known as Account-to-Account payments, complements these efforts by offering users a fast, easy, and direct payment method directly from their bank account in real-time.

This service is highly valued by companies in the sector as it reduces transaction costs and improves customer engagement. By providing alternative payment options that streamline the digital shopping journey, businesses can enhance the overall experience for their customers and boost conversion rates. With our Payment Initiation solution, companies can stay ahead in the competitive landscape, delivering seamless and efficient payment experiences to their customers.

Press room

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