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Learn how to make the most out of financial data by connecting to our API for financial aggregation and real-time Account-to-Account payments.

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Join the new financial paradigm with the expertise of a leading technology provider in the market.


Financial Aggregation (Account Information Services)

Connect and aggregate data from multiple financial institutions to obtain real-time connectivity so you can improve your company’s processes or create new use cases that add value through collected data. Gain detailed insights into the financial health of your clients and reduce reconciliation time and error with our technology.

Payment Initiation

Enable alternative payment methods to your customers through your regular channels to streamline processes and increase conversion rates. With our PSD2 Account-to-Account Payments technology, your customers can directly pay from their own bank account in a convenient, secure and easy way. Replace traditional bank transfers with fully traceable digital Account-to-Account payments capable of accepting higher average transaction value.

Account Holder Verification

We make it possible for your business to verify the account holder of a financial product by gathering information straight from the user’s own bank. With our easy-to-use technology, you can quickly access essential details about the account holder in a specific bank account. Get all the relevant information you need when someone applies for a loan and assess risks with accuracy, foresight, and utmost security.

Norm 43/19 Files

Take your accounting software to the next level by giving your customers the power to automate the download of those Spanish Norm 43 and Norm 19 Files. Boost customer satisfaction by offering hassle-free connectivity and slashing their bank reconciliation time. Service only available in Spain.

Non-Financial Aggregation

Besides linking up with financial institutions, we go the extra mile. Connect with top Telcos and Utilities. Grab all those invoices and contracts in a neat, standardized JSON format. Enhance what you offer to your customers and unlock exciting new features in your management software. Make collecting and managing invoices a breeze for end users, keeping it simple, lightning-fast, and super convenient, all within your own platform.

Brokerage Wealth Aggregation

Our financial aggregation technology goes above and beyond, giving you the power to get a complete picture of your clients’ wealth. Investors can now see all their fixed and variable income assets in one convenient platform. Elevate the value you offer to your private banking clients by helping them save time. With aggregated wealth at their fingertips, they can simplify portfolio analysis, stay on top of risks tied to their investments, and even maximize tax efficiency with smarter planning.

Whatever your project is, we have a plan to make it a reality!

Basic Plan

Up to 300 monthly connections.

Focused on low volumes and for your company's internal consumption.

For projects looking for affordable and cost-effective solutions.

Plan Startup

Up to 1.000 monthly connections.

Focused on medium volumes with scalability projection.

For use cases focused on third parties.

Plan Corporate

Up to 3.000 monthly connections.

Focused on high volumes with projects of a determined size.

For use cases focused on third parties.

The monthly cost of all plans includes the initial Onboarding session, and technical support tool. Plans available for any service: aggregation, payments, file download, account holder verification, non-financial aggregation and broker. For specific pricing and conditions, please contact us.

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